The Cleveland Opera

L'amico Fritz

by Pietro Mascagni

Performances TBA

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The production will honor our Board President Howard Simon and his wife. It has been postponed due to COVID restrictions, but we truly want to honor our long-time Sponsor and President: our survival as opera largely depends on individual donors. There is a more immediate reason why we want to produce this opera title: it may be adaptable to chamber size with singers performing in a distanced setting. Very few operas can be adapted in this manner due to action, interaction on stage, choruses and orchestra of large size that cannot be distanced or reduced. So... the real reason is more practical: how to continue valuable opera programing in case the circumstances still do not allow for a standard live performance. Also, the story is very uplifting, bringing optimism during this difficult time. The opera will be videotaped.

Any valuable programming is way more challenging now under the circumstances. There is so much online programming that is simply showing old recordings etc; we want to offer something different.

There are also recordings of the Met or La Scala available online, with which we cannot compete, especially the standard titles like La bohème. But... L'amico Fritz will be a unique online offering for the general audience to enjoy. There will be (a) live performance(s) with limited distanced sitting, prepared for the size of the audience that we can reasonably expect for a lesser known title. This opera is absolutely beautiful, just lesser known. In addition, our traditional sponsors are enthusiastic about this program and will to participate in supporting it.